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PHC Program

Primary Home Care (PHC) Services


"Primary Home Care is a nontechnical, medically related personal care service provided to adults whose health problems cause them to be functionally limited in performing activities of daily living, according to a statement of medical need.”

This service provides nontechnical personal care services for people whose chronic health problems impair their ability to perform activities of daily living (ADL). On average, recipients are authorized to receive approximately 16.6 hours of assistance per week.

Personal attendants can use the authorized hours to help people perform ADLs, such as arranging or accompanying individuals on trips to receive medical treatment, bathing, dressing, grooming, preparing meals, housekeeping and shopping.

• Arranging or accompanying patients on trips to receive medical treatments

• Bathing

• Grooming/ Personal hygiene

• Light housekeeping

• Meal preparation

• Dressing

• Shopping

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